Welcome to Michigan Smart Start Reviews!
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Welcome to Michigan Smart Start Reviews!

On this website we will document and share customer reviews scraped from across the web highlighting the exceptional customer service, user friendly devices, a 100% electronic success rate, and the transparent access to user data provided by Michigan Smart Monitoring.

Michigan Smart Monitoring is the company reporting your data to the State of Michigan. With exceptional customer service, Michigan Smart Monitoring has gone above and beyond to shield you from potentially exculpatory data. What this means, is if they have a series of failures their devices have documented -- they won't provide you with any of it, outside of what is required to be reported to the State of Michigan.

Executive level Customer Service Managers will actively try to use the right phrases to protect themselves from any liability should errors occur outside of failed alcohol tests or tampering.

We hope to showcase their utmost professionalism through drawing in reviews from all over the web; including Google, ConsumerAffairs, BetterBusinessBureau, Facebook and much, much more!

We would also like to remind all readers that Michigan is and has been affirmed by U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Fisher vs. Perron case (2021) to be a one-party-consent state. This means it is legal to record your interactions with a business or individual for your own record keeping. In the best interest of yourself, instead of relying on memory or attempting to suponea a company-owned recording of your phone call -- it's completely legal to create a recording for yourself.

Stay tuned, as we hope to create a portal for future, current and former customers to find attorneys, BAIID certified technicians trained by the parent company (1) willing to do independent wiring inspections or trouble shooting, automotive repair facilities willing to do detailed, documented repairs, and to become a resource for all Michiganders who have been ordered by the Secretary of State or Sobriety Court to comply with the rules set forth in MCL 257.625(k).

(1) http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?mcl-257-625k

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